7 Vegan Stocks to Buy Now for the Future of Food

Israel-based Else Nutrition develops and makes plant-based, clean ingredient alternatives to dairy-based formulas for infants and toddlers. The company’s plant-based toddler nutrition products are listed with United Natural Foods for grocery distribution across the US. In January 2022, Benson Hill announced the acquisition of soy flour manufacturer ZFS Creston. Oatly Group bills itself as “the world’s original and largest oat drink company.” It has a range of plant-based alternatives to dairy products, including milks, ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams and spreads. The company’s brand portfolio includes well-known regional brands Birds Eye, Findus, iglo, Ledo and Frikom.

Its $6.94 price target is not only affordable, but it also represents a notable 225.7% upside. In addition, the stock has already started a rebound, having climbed at least 35% over the last quarter. The overall oat milk market grew from $2.76 billion to $3.05 billion last year. Last year, the alternative-dairy market was worth at least $35 billion and should reach $123 billion by 2030. That means there is much room for even more growth for Oatly stock, likely contributing to Oatly’s “moderate buy” rating.

  • Similarly, Pembroke VCT has investments in companies like Plenish, a UK-based alternative milk and cold pressed juicing business, but again has investments in other firms, like burger outlet Five Guys, that may reduce its appeal.
  • Many trading platforms support Canadian exchanges even if you live in other countries.
  • It’s no wonder that as these consumers have become more plant-forward and garnered more purchasing power, Tattooed Chef’s sales have soared — by 47% in 2018, 77% in 2019 and another 101% so far in 2020.
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Not only are you putting your money quite literally where your mouth is and standing for something, but you could make a pretty penny or two as well. The vegan arm has seen a massive resurgence in popularity for the bootmaker, and they’ve embraced that cultural shift in a big way with a complete line of vegan boots. The IPO went to market in January with initial interest making it likely Dr. Martens will release more stocks. Unfortunately, you can’t just invest in whatever company you personally really like or believe in. They have to publicly trade their stocks, which means you can be left disappointed if you’ve got a hot local prospect or a gut intuition.

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The company’s meat-less burgers, sausages and other meat products are served fresh through various fast food chains — like Blaze Pizza, Burger King, Carl’s Jr and Del Taco — and packaged through various grocery stores. Instead of randomly picking a single vegan stock — or Vela japonesas two or three — that sound like they might be good bets, consider VEGN. The purchase of a single share gives you a little sliver of each of the stocks that represent shares of companies that meet the ETF’s standards of ethical and humane treatment of animals and the earth.

Online e-commerce sales made up 63% of Q2 revenue and coffee creamers alone is responsible for more than half of Laird’s total quarterly revenue. The company launched its first products in March 2021 and I couldn’t find much financial information on the company to perform a comprehensive fundamental analysis. In order to increase production capacity, Oatly opened two new facilities in Ogden, Utah, and Singapore plus announced a 3rd manufacturing plant to be built in Fort Worth, Texas in 2023. The Foods of New Mexico acquisition helped boost sales plus Tattooed Chef branded products outperformed all other categories as well. Beyond Meat and PepsiCo launched their plant-based jerky product as Beyond Meat wants to capture market share in the vegan snack market.

  • Vegan investments are at an all-time high year-over-year, driven by an increasing vegan movement and a global shifting in eating habits towards plant-based food around the world.
  • Founded in 2018, Local Bounti grows lettuce and herbs and uses a patented technology it calls “Stack and Flow,” which it describes as a combination of vertical farming and hydroponic greenhouse farming.
  • Two of three analysts reported by Yahoo Finance give the stock a “strong buy” or “buy,” with an average target price of $33.
  • Once a company goes public, it can be found on the publicly traded stock market under a ticker symbol (for example, Beyond Meat can be found under ticker BYND).
  • Oatly products are available at hundreds of cafes and restaurants across the UK and worldwide.

The vegan industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, both in revenue and consumer numbers. In a research published in January 2021, the global vegan food market is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2%, from $14.44 billion in 2020 to $15.77 billion in 2021. In 2021, more vegan companies announced to prepare for an IPO than ever before, and at the same time, the list of public listings being conducted is growing. In terms of new vegan stock, plant-based dairy brand The Planting Hope Co., producer of the world’s first commercially available sesame milk, recently completed its IPO in Canada, selling 22.5 million shares at a price of $0.40 each. As promising as the future of plant-based food stocks may be, investors seeking pure vegan stocks might struggle.

Today, it is a $481 million company, making everything from vegan burgers and sausages to taco mix, steak and bacon, and selling those products under The Very Good Butcher brand. Many customers view these products as some of the best vegan meat products in the market, with superior taste and texture compared to even products made by Beyond Meat. Thus, over the next several quarters, you will likely see Burcon’s pea and canola proteins start to appear in Nestle food and drinks.

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Investors know this, so they keep a close eye on these budding businesses and vegan stocks. These are just a few examples — there are many ways to invest day trading tips in the meatless movement beyond just the hot stocks of the day. Vegan commodities include things like oats, wheat and soy as raw materials, for example.

Discover vegan popular stocks, plus considerations when investing in the vegan industry.

Today, the company’s plant-based meat alternatives can be purchased in grocery stores and restaurants across the globe. Designed to emulate beef and pork, its offerings include patties, sausages, hot dogs and meatballs. Global food manufacturer Ingredion provides plant-based ingredients to companies manufacturing vegan what does market cap tell you products; it earned a spot on Fortune Magazine’s 2022 World’s Most Admired Companies list, ranking second in the food industry. In mid-2021, the company opened the first facility in North America to produce pea protein isolate and pea starch. In 2021, Beyond Investing announced the launch of new investment products.

I wouldn’t really consider it a vegan company (at least not right now), but you can make your own decision. Additionally, many of these companies are very new floats on stock exchanges — there aren’t many long-established companies that are focusing solely on vegan products. Oatly sells a range of different oat based products, including milk, ice cream, yogurt, cream, spreads and drinks. Oatly products are available at hundreds of cafes and restaurants across the UK and worldwide. The company even has an “Oat finder” on its website to find local cafes that serve it. There are approximately 600,000 vegans in the UK, according to Statista, and this number is rising significantly each year.

Best Vegan Stocks: Vegan Food Stocks

More and more people are choosing to adopt a plant-based diet — either permanently, or to take part in events like veganuary. Whether it’s because of a love for animals, an attempt at healthier eating, or to help save the planet, these changes to people’s diets appear to be a long term, possibly even permanent lifestyle change. The Planting Hope Company develops, produces and sells a range of plant-based food and beverage products under a growing suite of brands. Currently, the company’s brand family includes Hope and Sesame Sesamilk and Sesamilk creamers, RightRice Veggie Rice, Mozaics Real Veggie Chips and Veggicopia Veggie Snacks. Tattooed Chef’s revenue jumped by 43.7% in 2021 to $213.4 million, and its products are now available in about 4,300 retail stores. Avocados are a staple of the vegan diet in much of the world, and they are popular with the millennial generation.

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From a fundamental standpoint, I think Tattooed Chef is a decent multi-year hold. Management raised its full-year 2021 revenue guidance to around $250 million, which shows a nearly 50% revenue increase compared to 2020. The good news is Beyond Meat has several major partnerships that could help turn around sluggish U.S. revenue numbers.

The company delivered over 24,000 e-commerce orders with a net loss per share of 13 cents. The company recently signed an online distribution deal with Walmart plus launched a brand new product line to boost revenue even further. In Q2 2021, Else Nutrition generated revenue of CAD $1.1 million (Up 430% YoY) and launched its products in over 1,100 stores throughout North America as part of its massive growth strategy. The company plans to disrupt the entire baby formula & children’s nutrition industry with its plant-based healthy formula and shake alternatives. The company is rapidly expanding its footprint by selling its product in over 65,000 foodservice locations around the world, which helped Oatly hit record revenue in 2021. TTCF stock trades under a $2 billion market cap and could really soar in the next couple of years as the plant-based movement continues to grow over time.







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