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The AppModule is included automatically when you create a Nest application. To effectively arrange your components, it is advised to group each of your features into a module. You can build Rest APIs, MVC applications, GraphQL applications, Web Sockets, or CLIs, and CRON jobs.

benefits of using Nest.js

With this code, we have applied our SimpleLoggerMiddleware on all /trees route requests. Middleware is a function that is called before a route handler, also called a controller. It can also be configured to be called after the route handler executes the logic, but before the response is sent. These functions get access to the request and response objects and perform actions on them. Some of these tasks are applied before fulfilling the request, like authentication and authorization.

Caching in a Node.js application using the Redis database

It’s used for creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting records from the todos schema we created earlier. Here, we’ll enumerate the pros and cons of Nest.js for a better understanding of why it’s such a popular framework in the Node.js ecosystem. Choosing a framework is dependent on the type of application you’re developing, as different applications require a different set of tools.

benefits of using Nest.js

Well in my own words, Nest.js is a Node.js framework built on top of express.js and TypeScript that comes with a strong opinion on how API’s should be built. Since it is very opinionated it provides a structure, a CLI, and an almost infinite amount of tools that let you create professional APIs very very fast. Since Nest applications are written in TypeScript, error detection at compile time protects our code and avoids errors while writing numerous microservices that all have the same response mode.

How are Nest.JS server-side framework applications different from client-side framework applications?

It is easier to read and better manage projects when there is less code. Another advantage is that changes to the file are instantly apparent. Nest.js is an opinionated Node.js framework built with TypeScript.

benefits of using Nest.js

Now that we have the Nest CLI installed and our new project created successfully, let’s build out our API. It’s time to practice all we’ve learned about Nest.js by building our first RESTful API to demonstrate the power and simplicity that comes with it. DEV Community — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. And to be honest, it is not always the framework that is directly responsible for it, but really often it is teams or individuals that misuse or misunderstand concepts within a framework. Though I would like to point out some areas of Nest where teams I worked with, struggled over and over again.

Express vs Fastify vs Hapi vs Koa: Hello world performance comparison

Turing is an Intelligent Talent Cloud platform that helps developers get high-paying remote jobs in top US companies with excellent compensation and career growth. When an HTTP request is received, the routing mechanism directs the request to the appropriate controller. The controller then handles the request and returns the appropriate response. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge that you have read and understand our privacy policy and code of conduct.

Looking at some of the other popular frameworks in the list, Next.js focuses heavily on server-side rendered React applications. As shown above, there are more than a few competitors within the same space as Express. Koa is another backend framework developed by the same team behind Express, which takes a minimalist, un-opinionated viewpoint of building web apps.

The lack of Dynamic controllers

Nest offers a lot of flexibility with its Guards and custom Decorators, plus they have more context than basic middleware. Finally, with Nest decorators, our engineers can define our MongoDB schema alongside our types which preserves compatibility. There are a lot of frameworks for building websites and web applications, each with its own benefits. Choosing the right deployment strategy is important for ensuring your application operates smoothly and is able to scale as required.

  • Run the command below to send your code to the repository you made on Github.
  • It provides the engineering team with standard development architecture and industry best practices.
  • We’ll also explain the pros and cons of the framework to give you a clear picture of why companies prefer it to other Node.js frameworks.
  • Nest.js provides built-in support for testing, making it easy to write and run tests for your application.
  • Run the command below on your terminal to make sure the Dockerfile works.

These advantages are what trigger popular brands such as Adidas, Roche, and more to use the framework for their enterprise production applications. Next, we’ll set up a MongoDB database to connect and manage our to-do data across the project. Next, we’ll practice building a RESTful API with Nest.js to solidify what we have learned so far.

Microservices vs APIs: Understanding the Difference

Because containers are separate, you can put it in different cloud environment without problems. Moreover, since the spot where the Nest.js app runs is the same, it works the same way in different places, no matter the type of infrastructure. Container as a Service (is a cloud service that takes care of managing containers. It’s like an advanced way to control computers, network settings, and storage facilities compared with IaaS. Developers that use IaaS solutions enjoy the ability to control cloud resources at their disposal.

benefits of using Nest.js

Adidas is a designer and manufacturer of shoes, clothing and accessories is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. NestJS has a strong opinion about how we should go about building our applications, it enforces a certain application structure. This eliminates the need for having to worry about what architecture your application is going to adopt.







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