Ukrainian Bride Customs

A Ukrainian marriage is a lengthy affair with numerous festivals and conventions. The Rushnyk service, in which the couple are draped ceremonially, marks the end of their lives The couple’s and groom’s parents give their standard consent to the coalition during this ceremony. Traditional traditions songs frequently play beautiful melodies that make guests dancing the night away throughout the evening. One of my favorites games is when the newlyweds dance while carrying a loaf of bread on their faces to demonstrate that they are powerful enough as a couple to overcome any obstacles.

The bride’s multiplayer and perceiving did typically occur two to four weeks before the real marriage ceremony. The girl’s father, elders, and godfathers would accompany the groom to their residence to provide themselves, their gifts, and, if the community wished, ask for her hand in marriage.

A pumpkin do be presented to the groom’s gathering as a sign that he was not accepted if the girl refused. The ladies’ families would get ready for the bride at this time. They did make a lot of food, decorate their homes with plants and rushnyky (embroidered napkins), and use a lot of it.

The bride and groom’s families bring their wedding wheat, which is baked by women who are specially chosen for this role, to the Korovai ceremony, which is the cornerstone of the marriage. The food is typically decorated with flowers made of pastry, such as parrots, blooms, and periwinkles, or viburnum, which has white blossoms that turn into red berries. Who among the few is said to be the head of the household if they bite off the larger bit of korovai without using their arms?







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