Your Guide to Online Accounting Degrees

accounting programs online

This designation is offered by the CFA Institute and requires many years of work and effort to achieve. Chartered financial analysts must pass a series of CFA exams, hold a bachelor’s online accounting and complete four years of qualified professional experience. Establish risk management procedures or contribute to fraud investigations with a career in forensic accounting.

SNHU offers two accounting programs and a concentration option to meet your unique path and desired educational experience. Throughout either program, you’ll position yourself for success in the field of accounting. At SNHU, an online accounting degree is affordable, accredited and designed to take you where you want to go in your career – and in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online Associate Degrees

Online learning is very popular today, but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Before deciding whether to enroll in an online master’s in accounting program, answer some of the questions below. Program length varies by school, but an online accounting bachelor’s degree can generally be completed full time in approximately four years. A bachelor’s in accounting is usually the first step to beginning a career in the accounting field. After earning your degree, you may be qualified for a variety of entry-level accounting positions in small or large private companies, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and more. Accounting BS graduates may choose to pursue professional certifications to further specialize their expertise.

accounting programs online

This Course is first in the Introduction to Accounting Course Series, developed and used by the #1 accounting university in the world, Brigham Young University (Rated by the London Financial Times 2013). This course is recommended by HARVARD to its incoming MBA students who have not had an introductory course in accounting. It has also been highlighted and discussed in Wired Magazine, Gigaom, & New York Times. No doubt, the course has received rave reviews from over 30,000 students on campuses. Now it is available on Udemy for online learners and has quickly become the highest rated course. This is a beginner level course and is designed for students with no background in accounting.







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